two ? pvc pontoons

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by surfstylen, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Nice lookin' boats. Flat transom and canoe hull. Nice for the flats.
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    I need some advice on this you brilliant gentlemen

    Hello Team!

    I really liked everyone's responses and figure you are an incredible audience to post this question to. I want to create this. . I've decided from your conversation the most appropriate material will be ABS piping. More importantly this is for river floating in my city and if it does happen to go down I can walk to the side of the river and pull my wreckage out with me.

    Now lets get into this. Who wants to tell me what i'm going to need to do to complete this project. The big thing i'm looking at is do I need to put foam inside the piping. 2. What kind of glue and such will be needed to hook it all together so it can make a journey down the river.

    Thanks all bring on the awesome ideas.


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    As long as you can walk to shore...go wild!

    The piping in the photo is stock ABS. Go buy it at Home Depot, along with the ABS glue and fittings you need.

    Make the crossbars from standard lumber, or something else stiffer and lighter than ABS.

    The paddle system, and associated ergonomics, is bogus. You can do better. How about a paddle wheel connected to a bicycle chain drive?
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