Two current articles about catamarans in Professional BoatBuilder magazine

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    For those who might be interested, here are descriptions of two articles about catamarans in the Dec/Jan 2020 issue of Professional Boatbuilder magazine:

    -- Inventor and sailboat designer Alan Adler (think AeroPress coffee maker, Aerobie flying ring, and Fast-40 sloop) prototyped a 14’ (4.3m) stepped-hull sailing catamaran in the early 1990’s. With its biplane rig and ventilated hull steps, Adler recalls the boat sailing at thrilling speeds upwards of 30 knots. Now he’s keen to have someone “steal” the technology and apply it to a modern recreational model for production that would compete in the market with small foilers. This is available to read at our website, Take a Free Copy - Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

    -- Naval architect John Kecsmar takes a deep dive into the engineering of catamaran hull structures, focusing specifically on some of his own simplified calculation techniques and satisfying classification society rules and standards. This article is available to Professional BoatBuilder subscribers only, but note that subscription is free to those in the marine trades, at
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