Twin-Step hull design for CC

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Outcast Marine, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I know there are a lot of designers on this forum so I wanted to ask this question. I am part of a boat building company in Miami that has been around for a while with what is now an outdated product. I am looking to design a new CC in the mid 30' range and am deciding if a twin stepped hull is a good way to go in comparison to a conventional hull. I am looking to build something that competes with the likes of Sea Vee, Contender, Yellowfin, and Invinsible.

    Can you guys give me some input and knowledge on the subject. Pros and cons if you will. Also, if any designers have any design ideas out there that they have been working on, let me know. Maybe we can work on something together and make your design come to life. I am in the beginning stages of my development and am open to any ideas.

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    Just copy Reggie

    Reggie Fountain has done the most successful full sized tank testing of any planing boat designer -- of this, its hard to argue. He continuously improves his designs, even if they always look the same to the untrained eye. Measure some, there are lots and lots out there. The newer they are, the better they work.

    The "Crouch" number is a dimensionless number of performance. Over the past 10 years, Reggies boats have progressed from about 210 to about 310. Other builders basically lag substantially until they measure Reggie's hulls, and copy them, then they are pretty much the same... but won't improve for the next decade. But Reggie keeps on tweaking, almost constantly. You will often find several minor tweaks in every model year!

    And the funny thing: if you take some feature of his designs, you'll find recent papers written on such concepts, so it appears that either Reggie is a very good student of naval architecture, or naval architects are very good students of Reggie Fountain!

    Remember: adavances are due to science. Science requires experiments and observation. Fountain tests every single boat they build, and they make little tweaks in every single one, thereby learning with every boat. They build more performance boats than the rest of the industry combined, so it should be no suprise that their designs are better than anyone else.

    You can argue this, but you won't find data to back it up.
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    There is always a starting place thats the first step that has to be taken and then its the tweeky bits that are the tricks !! like you just said you wont find it any where to back up whats been done . Its so true like a unwritten law and the guys doing that kind of work are in a world of there own and worth twice there weight in Gold !! yes we need naval architecs and there are some clever ones (FINDING THEM is the problem) but they have to have a complete open mind and not wear blinkers !! :D
    No one person knows everything if thats the way you think you are about to be replaced !!:eek:
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