Twin Outboard Mounting Width

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by rybo30, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I am in the process of mounting twin 275 Verado's on a 30 Ryborunner with a bracket. Standard mounting for 4 strokes is thought to be 29" yet the bracket that I purchased used, came off a Rybo and has ~35" spread in the bolt pattern. (max width of bracket) I can easily seal holes and re-drill yet looking for advice on best location.

    What are the advantages or disadvantages from increasing the mounting width? Where did this magical 29" number come from? Most interested in fuel economy and not speed.

    Thanks all for your feedback.
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    When we rigged the twin 200 Yamaha's on my father in laws boat Yamaha was very specific re motor spacing. Verado's come with steering if I'm not mistaken and there may be a spacing factor specific to the steering setup.

    Maybe crack the manuals?

    As a sidebar we cracked up reading the original Yamaha installation manual where Yamaha stated that if we could not space the engines within their min/max spec they recommended: (getting another boat.) :p:)

  3. rybo30
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    rybo30 Junior Member

    Thanks yet at this time the motors are used and I have not found or purchased manuals. Will be looking for soon.
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    May want to post such an engine specific question on:
  5. Submarine Tom

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    Go with 35" and see what happens, the holes are already there.

  6. pfridays
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    pfridays Suzywiz

    Twin mounting

    Standard MINIMUM spacing used to be 26" but with the bigger 4 strokes they went to 29" as only the 55 Degree V Suzuki's would fit in 26". If you have holes at 35" GREAT. Easier to rig, easier access in the middle and most important the boat will handle much better. Good luck

  7. Frosty

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    As close together as you can without the engine cowls touching on full lock
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