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    This tutorial wants to help the first use of Gene-Hull UE 2,3, of which application and User guide is there :
    From the reference hull of which input data are already in place in the application to help the beginning of a new project, we generate step by step a new hull, with a sailplan and a weight first estimation, for an early stage project of sailing yacht within given objectives.

    Through this approach, it is to show how to introduce the input data, how to analyse the output data, how to iterate and to improve the design. The theme for this tutorial exercise is a cruiser yacht of which characteristics are inspired by the Delher 34 2016 design.

    By hoping this approach detailed step by step can be helpful for the data input and the iterations. Of course, there is a lot of other possible variants and paths towards a balanced design, and your criteria can be different than mine. And I remind that an early stage design is itself the starting basis for the detailed engineering stage, and further iterations can be then necessary.

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