Turn 2 monohulls into 1 catamaran. Is that viable solution?

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by TruckoftheSea, Feb 29, 2020.

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    Somebody love cat. Somebody love monohull. I love both of them but I can’t turn 2 monohull into 1 big fat cat. So I build 2 small torpedo amas with electric motor & a flat desk to a single monohull. That’s my final solution.
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    Truck, none of us have ESP - we cannot read what is going on in your mind. If you would like to receive genuine help (as well as constructive criticism) then you need to tell us what exactly you want to do.
    So, have you now abandoned the idea of building a cat from two monohulls?
    Are you now planning on building a trimaran using your existing power boat hull?
    If yes, you mention an electric motor - will this be the primary method of propulsion in the main hull of the trimaran, or will there be one motor in each ama, or...........what is your plan??
    Re the wide flat deck connecting the amas to the main hull, will you be looking to build canopies (for supporting solar panels) over this in similar fashion to your cross section sketch in Post #6?
    Will the amas be immersed, providing buoyancy to help carry all the extra cargo that you would like to have on board?

    Can you tell us please what power boat you currently have, or what hull you are going to join the amas to?
    A typical power boat will have relatively high resistance at sedate speeds when you are using electric power, when compared to a hull form that has been optimised for minimum resistance at these speeds.
    Especially so if it is heavily loaded.
    And you cannot do a lot to a 'typical' power boat hull to improve this situation in terms of chopping and changing the hull shape.

  3. Mr Efficiency
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    You can turn the two or more fat boats into a catamaran etc of sorts, but so far the most common application would be pontoon bridges.
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