Turboing a Buffalo Cat

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by nikb, Jun 14, 2010.

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    nikb New Member

    I have a 14ft buffalo catamaran and am finding it a bit lethargic. I can use a Hobie 14 turbo jib (roller furling), a sunburst jib and a sunburst spinnaker. While looking at a picture of the White Heather, I thought I could put the two extra jibs with the existing jib. Put a prod on it a foot or so further put the Hobie jib and using a near masthead pulley raise the sunburst jib above the others with some rope running to the end of the prod to keep it down. While reaching I could chuck up the sunburst spinnaker and be doing 5 sail reaching/downwind. The sunburst jib providing more leverage sideways could also stop it driving the leeward hull as much and start flying a hull.

    Would this idea work? :confused:

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    you should get a real cat like a wind rush with manly drink holders
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