tunnell vee?? PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by firth_andrew007, Jan 7, 2009.

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    I think PortTacker may have missed something here. This boat is not a tunnel hull, and certainly nothing like the many tunnel flats boats found in South Florida.

    Look at the images Andrew posted. No normal prop could operate up in that tunnel between the hulls. There is nothing but air there. It's cat with a different central hull forward. Many cats have such a deep central hull to cushion oncoming waves but I had not seen any this extreme. From the running photo, it looks like it works OK at the speed and conditions that one is running in.
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    wow thanks a lot guys for all your input!!

    i really appreciate the time spent being that time is truly the only thing that is priceless!


    i think your deffinently on the right track being that there is absolutly no room for an inboard...its going to be a squeze just getting in tanks!

    and being that a marlin board sits over the tunnel the only possibility is twin out boards from the internal layout the decking is set to sit directly on the tunnell top..well maybe 5mm above for sika flex. hah

    i know heaps of people have said its common..maybe for where you guys are...but im an australian living on the goldcoast! so im guessing it was either made here or the moulds were imported.

    i do have another pic that would add alot more clarity in conjunction with the other pics. it shows more lines and flow or where they end up



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    oh and tom!

    trails what trails? hah i bought the moulds of a guy that got it from another guy that got it from another guy..

    safe to say they were all procrastinators all super keen to build it but never got around to it. to much work. the moulds look like they have had good use i mean in the condition they are in now i might only be able to make 5 vessels max.

    it has been alot of work in just resoration of the moulds.
    but with that in mind, there has been alot of work put into the initial build of the moulds.. all 15 of them. so i guess someone had a purpose for the boat. but i just need to find out what that purpose was?

    to handle a rough sea?

    i have no idea where it was build or who designed it.

    but i think its worth the gamble even if it doesnt work out atleast i can say i gave it a shot
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