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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Shakes, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I recall finding online a few years ago,free plans for a large Soviet bloc tug-about the size you want- that had units built.

    Maybe try google.
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    Try also the local bookstore, magazine section. They have a magazine about "Workboats". You can get some typical dimensions and technical data to base your design.
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    I have no answer for this question because I do not have any clue as to what exactly you are trying to accomplish.....

    This is why the hard working people who regularly answer questions on this forum always harp on writing an SOR (Statement Of Requirements) before asking a bunch of unrelated questions.

    Most important is why the new design. Saying "because my professor said so" is not a sufficient reason. A new design must meet some unique criteria, otherwise what's the point.....just build another of the designs that already exist. So......better seakeeping, better handling, lower construction cost, more efficient towing, etc...are valid reasons for the new design.

    Length/volume may be limited by regulatory issues, or it may be influenced by resistance or seakeeping/handling issues (at a given beam longer is lower resistance, but harder to turn), it may be influenced by loading issues, or it may be influenced by budget issues.
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    won't bother you guys anymore. :)

    All of your answers have been really helpful! I see the errors of the way I tried to tackle this and I'm probably on the right track now. Well, at least I hope I am.

    Well, basically, I'm trying to build a tugboat that, aside from being able to stay stable during rough weather, has good towing performance without comprising its power. Too generic? I know. I might change the design purpose.

    I'd also like to reiterate the fact that books on ship design aren't that easy to come across in this country unless you know personally someone who works in the field. So, as a desperate move on my part, I had (needed) to ask the experts, you people.

    Again, I thank everyone for answering my questions even if it sounded too amateurish. :)
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    I know books are hard to come by but it is an investment. Get the Principles of Naval Architecture as this is considered the "bible". Introduction to Naval Architecture by Tupper (PNA's condensed version) and Ship Stability by Derreck and Barras are available locally and cheap.

    There are other books and papers which can be downloaded free from the net such as Marine composites, Practical ship designs, Savitsky, ect.

    Other books are expensive and cost about USD 300 to 400 but you should spent part of your money (when you start making one) as a professional investment for your carrer.

    This forum is a rich source of challenges as you will see how the pro's approach the problem. People who have been there, done that, and do it as if it was a natural way of doing it.

    So, don't forget to bother "us" because you belong to the group. If we are busy, others will pitch in. There are plenty here who are willing to help.

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