Tug Boat General Arrangement

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mnfahmi3, Aug 27, 2010.

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    can anybody share with me about how to design the general arrangement of the tug boat?

    if you will, please share with me the general arrangement drawing..
    thank you
  2. Submarine Tom

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    1. Big Propellers

    2. Big Engines

    3. Lots of heavy construction

    4. Lots of buoyancy

    5. Little freeboard

  3. apex1

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  6. abdosadek
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    abdosadek New Member

    salvage vessel

    I want to find out information about the salvage vessel
  7. TANSL
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    Have a look.
    Tell me if I can help more.

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  8. abdosadek
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    abdosadek New Member

    salvage vessel

    I want to explain enough or a book about equipment and structure used salvage vessel
    and table offset for tug
  9. Squidly-Diddly
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    4. Lots of buoyancy VS 5. Little freeboard?????

    could someone explain how that works?
  10. johneck
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    That means that there is little volume above the waterline. The working decks on a tugboat are very low to the water to keep the line pull as low as is reasonable.

  11. kach22i
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    I read somewhere that well over half the new tugs are hybrid Diesel-Electric, and maybe +75% planned or on the boards tugs will be hybrids. A decade or two from now they may have around 90% of the market if I recall correctly.

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