Tubby Tug- and some variations of it.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by newinertia, Dec 24, 2008.

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    The Tubby Tug-

    Well everyone knows and loves it- I want more weather protection, here is what I came up with.... dont hate me because Im beautiful!:D
    The lower right model has a chopped top and an inside headroom of 38", just enough to not bump my head when sitting on a four inch mattress.
    The top right image was stretched into the foredeck, but you dont have much headroom but it looks like a low rider.
    I am thinking I would stay with an outboard, already have an 8 hp short shaft.

    Well, I would like to know what some of you micro cruiser fans think about this.

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    The Tubby Tug is meant to be a cute and toy-like play around in the harbor boat. If you want a sleep aboard or better weather protection go to an easier design like a Chugger which is easier and cheaper to build and already has various expansions shown. Don't ugly up a cute toy
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    My initial thoughts suggest, you don't have any place to operate the boat from, in any of the extended cabin versions. I don't think you realize how small this boat is. It has barely enough room for a couple of crew and don't even think about stretching out. I have two yacht tenders, both longer then this little hunk of boat.

    It's a foolish little thing at best. There are much better little tug boats available, but all will be nearly double Tubby's length or more so.

    What are you goals for such a craft? In an amusement park attraction or used as a rescue tow for a boat rental service, maybe as a cute way a harbor master can putter around his domain are some possible excuses for such a diminutive imitation.

    It wouldn't be an especially efficient cruiser, nor does it provide much by way of accommodation, so what do you want from a micro? My point is, the micro cruiser is a very difficult design concept to pull off even with experienced drafting skills. Just addressing the ergonomic issues, in a small package is enough to make most run off and hide. If you goals are well defined, then you stand a good chance at finding a design most well suited to your needs. Attempting to "adjust" a current design, into one that more closely fits your desires, is asking for severe heartburn to say the least. More to the point, a very skilled designer can pen a fine micro, a novice has little chance.
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