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    new to this site,going to attempt to build a 14 foot john boat type boat.was wonder how much glass layers i would need.boat will have a 60 inch beam.i also have alot of 3ft by 4ft pieces of mat sheets,wondering if they are useable or hav to have full pieces to cover length of boat.i know i cannot get pieces to cover width.i am 27 year expiriened in finish carpentry and grew up doing autobody repair,which i run a i think i have the knowledge to get started,but boat builing is new.i think it would be fun.any help would be greatly appriciated.would be laying up from male mould.i also have like ten gallons of finish resin.:)want to run max 30hp outboard if possible
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    Scot, buy a set of plans, which will include a BOM and some with instructions to lamination, techniques, etc. If you try to "wing it" you'll just make a boat that's way too heavy or worse, way too light and breaks, probably farther from shore then you can swim back to. Forget about the mold unless you're interested in making dozens of them.
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