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  1. whitepointer23

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    Does anyone on the forum own a triton work centre. I would like some feedback on them. Thinking of getting one but I have not used them before.
  2. Tiny Turnip
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    Tiny Turnip Senior Member

    I used one 20+ years ago - making furniture and small fitouts for 6 months or so.

    My recollection is that it was more than adequate for diy projects and small scale, and I was fairly happy ripping 8'x4' sheets with the extension table, (two people) but I would want something more robust and with a bit less fiddle in the adjustments, (mounting the handtools was a bit of a fiddle, IIRC) if I was doing anything longer term or more serious in scale.
  3. waikikin
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    I had one, makes a hand circular saw much more versatile, still fiddly, made heaps of stuff/locker door frames & similar using cross cut guide, so I'd rate them, also did a house frame with trenched studs etc. not ideal but better than by eye.... & pretty safe compared to freehanding, at one stage I set my saw throgh a sheet of particle board floor sheet with a bit of 4 x 2 hardwood for a fence, clamped each end, went quite well.
    I think they sell own brand tools/vacs & integrate a router table now. At woodwork forums I think there's a specific page for them

  4. whitepointer23

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    Thanks turnip and jeff. I was looking at the portability aspect with the triton. My boat is 70 km from home and having a triton in my tool kit will almost give me a mobile workshop. There are heaps of them secondhand from $50 upwards.
  5. SukiSolo
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    I've used the Makita own brand version with added lower legs/mount box ie handheld saw (Makita) clamped in and router mount table to good effect over some years. Done some 'interesting' projects with it. Verdict is that as a small saw/router/moulder it is worthwhile if you can't get to larger more accurate kit.

    One of the best saw blades I ever used on it was a Kiwi one as it happened btw.
    Had some fun putting Ø150mm holes through 2mm aluminium sheet freehand with the router part.......;)
  6. Tiny Turnip
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    Tiny Turnip Senior Member

    if its in decent condition,definitely worth 50 bucks!

  7. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    I even saw a couple in the freebie section recently.
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