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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by frosh, May 8, 2006.

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    Hi all, just wondering if there is any interest in a hybrid yacht for home builders, from those sailors that enjoy very high performance skiff sailing but want more stability than available in elite craft such as the 49er. This might allow one experienced sailor to take out a friend who has moderate experience and both of them to get the adrenaline rush that you get with 20 knots under sail without having frequent capsizes. See Bethwaites "Hoon Boat" tested in 1990 but never put into production.,9727,2.html
    This is a very different concept to the Virus Boat Magnum at the following website:
    Although both are capable of achieving a high top speed, the Bethwaite boat is more a performance craft and would deliver a more exciting experience in moderate winds. The Magnum looks like it would go well in a mild gale but seems fairly heavy and the crew don't hike out to provide righting moment.
    The report published in "Australian Sailing Magazine", June 1990 credits the designer Julian Bethwaite crewing for journo Bob Ross and doing 23 knots on their first outing. You would expect 25 knots from a reasonable crew with a bit of practice. This even in today sailing scene represents a degree of performance ahead of almost anything in small boat terms except for some of the very quickest multihulls, eg Tornado with asymmetric spinnaker. After finding out more about it's handling characteristics, I wonder if it would be possible to get the Bethwaite Design Organisation to put out a plan for a home builders version of this "Hoon Boat", probably with some improvements that Julian might incorporate since the original was built; and if so what sort of interest would it get from readers of this forum? :)
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    I sailed the one-man HSP, forerunner of the "Hoon Boat". A stunning boat to sail. Most (all????) of the speed of an A Class cat, with a delightfully light feel. In fact, of course, it's basically a big light Canoe!

    It was sometimes hard to right from a capsize, and apparently slow to rig. I still would like one.
  3. Doug Lord

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    I like the concept and sailed a smaller similar version that I really enjoyed. Might add some new technology if I built another though. Seems like a good way to break into high speed sailing or to go fast with less hassle as you grow older...
  4. frosh
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    The Bethwaites looked like they made the correct decision not to pursue their HSP boat on a commercial basis. Looks to me like although quite a few sailors would enjoy the ride, no-one wants to own one. :)
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    I still think this is a great idea...

    I contacted Julian about this possibility a few years ago. He said for a few thousand bucks, he'd be pleased to draw up a set up plans. Very pleasant to deal with, but over my budget. Another possibility in this line is the Adventure trimaran under development. Try I still have delusions of something like this in a homebuilt plywood/composite version with a planing hull...
  6. Chris Ostlind

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    Dual Purpose Trimarans

    You might want to read this article about a boat I designed specifically to compete in the Watertribe EC. It's my opinion that this boat would make for an equally fast boat in the same family as the Adventure Tri.

    Paddled or sailed, it is efficient and fast for a two man crew. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, but it would be appropriate to take the queries off list as the design falls outside the topic.

    Chris Ostlind
    Chris at Wedgesail dot com

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    I too sailed the HSP but on a very light day. It was dreadful. I was into Int' Contenders at the time and was very dissapointed in the HSP in comparison. It was diabolical whenever one of the floats touched the water.
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