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Discussion in 'Stability' started by navarcs, Jun 7, 2008.

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    navarcs New Member

    i need to prepare a stability booklet for a Offshore Supply vessel.
    Please advise how to go about it step by step.From Lines plan to Offset table.
    How to prepare Hydrostatic curve,KN curve etc.:confused:
  2. hello
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    hello Junior Member

    first, you need a software.
  3. Guillermo
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  4. CTMD
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    CTMD Naval Architect

    Without wanting to sound rude, contact a local Naval Architect and pay someone to do it. Even if you muddle your way through it there is a good chance that the authorities won't accept it if its been prepared by an unqualified person. There are peoples lives at stake when you prepare this type of thing. Its not the right place to cut corners.
  5. Indianocean
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    trim & Stability booklet

    I am a Naval architect and can prepare a trim and stability booklet for you. But the boat is to be inclined. Then the readings are to be taken for the calculation of the center of gravity. The hydrostatic calculations can be done using the Lines plan details. if you can mail me the the dimensions and displacement of the boat. Is this vessel classed ? This involves a lot of work including calculations.

    Is it a new boat or old one.
  6. Athlon64M
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    Athlon64M Naval Architect Student

    I somewhat agree, as there is a huge margin of error for Non-Naval Architects to do Hydrostatic Stability, it's hard even for students!

    You'd need a lot of data, not just a lines plan, but tools if you're doing it manually...

  7. gangaraju
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    gangaraju Naval Architect

    yeap it's need a lot of calculations so please concern any naval architect who is having proper experience with the stability calculations
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