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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mudman, May 1, 2009.

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    I was looking for trihull plans, but I can't find any. I had an old Sabre hull and I really liked the way that the boat rode and took the waves, but I can not find anything like it. My sabre was 18 feet, but I'm looking for something to build about 21 to 23 feet, maybe even 25. Sabre was later known as Spartan and then Critchfield. Really nice trihull fishing boats. Great in a 1 foot chop. IMO they ride better than the V hulls.

    Anybody know where to find plans? I'd like to build it out of aluminum, so I may have to design it myself. Any suggestions on design of a complex hull shape with aluminum if drawings are not available?
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    There is a reason why most trihulls were built of fiberglass; you can mold it.
    Just about any way you design one for welded aluminum you are going to have at least two more full length welding seams than you have for a conventional v hull. I don't want to tell you not to do it, but that is at least one reason why you won't likely find one to buy.
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    If you can get your material in dimensions large enough, then you should be able to apply creative cut and folding to eliminate the need for several long welds. But then you're stuck with very complex folds and bends that need very precise jigs/forms and custom tools and could actually end up with longer welds (but far less strength critical welds), and all that adds up to a lot of extra work that likely wouldn't be worth it for a single build.

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    Hi Mudman,

    I have a few of these 25ft and larger Tri-hulls operating in New Zealand. I have plans and CNC files if you are interested.

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