Trifle Class Sailing Dinghy

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by joz, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. joz
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    joz Senior Member

    Does anyone sail or built the Trifle class sailing dinghy to which is in Fred P Bingham's book: Boat Joinery & Cabinetmaking Simplifed to which I have a copy of to which this is another boat that I am considering to build.

    I know this boat was designed for Adult Education so I wounder has and adult sailed this boat and could give me any comments good or bad.


  2. Pikiley
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    Pikiley New Member

    Hi Joz
    I'm interested in build the Trifle dinghy sailboat, too. Do you have some comments or suggestions? Did you proceed with your plan to build one?

  3. CutOnce

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but if you are going to put in the effort to build a dinghy, why not maximise the experience by:

    - working with a design that has a community of builders who can help you
    - has an active number for boats to bring a community of people to race with, to make friends with
    - to have the potential for resale value of your boat if you outgrow it
    - to arrive at a final product with proven performance and capabilty

    Building a boat, even a small dinghy takes a lot of effort and expense. Although there will be minor differences, it costs the same to build a popular, current boat as it does an out-of-date clunker. Plywood is plywood, epoxy is epoxy, but you can build something of fun and great value with the exact same materials as a worthless Craigslist inhabitant.

    I'd do some careful research and surveying local clubs to find out what boats are popular and why. This can really help you end up far ahead - financially, performance-wise and fun-wise. Geography matters.

  4. WhiteDwarf
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    WhiteDwarf White Dwarf

    Home built class in Melbourne


    I have failed to find any images of a Trifle Class dinghy, so I apologise if this is off queue...

    It appears you are in Melbourne, you might consider contacting Mordialic Sailing Club, they ran a successful programme building Firebugs a couple of years ago.

    Good luck
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  5. CutOnce

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    Great suggestion of a Firebug. Geography DOES matter, so getting to know the local preferences is important.


  6. joz
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    joz Senior Member

    here is a picture of the Trifle class instead I have decided on the Mirror MK I's with its two mast positioning.

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