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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Robert A Walker, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Robert A Walker New Member

    I just made off with a "free boat," (no such thing as a free boat.)

    What kind of boat do I have? Fiberglass over plywood. 20210911_113113.jpg


    Trailer Bob

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  2. Russell Brown
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    Russell Brown Senior Member

    Piver Nugget.
  3. catsketcher
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    Go the Nugget. Historical boat. Probably the first modern trimaran to go offshore - Russell's dad took his version down the west coast in about 1958. Arthur Piver then designed a larger version, the Nimble that he sailed across the Atlantic and trimarans were off and running.
    Very historical for me - a nugget was my first trimaran. Mine didn't fold like yours.
    Simple boats but good sailors with a nice daggerboard, good rig and kept light.

    Video and link to Small trimarans page on the Nugget. Be good to the boat, she is an important historical treasure.

    Piver Nugget Trimaran Images & Videos (Plus Site Links) | Small Trimarans

    And you may like to read Jim Brown's book "Among the multihulls" that tells the story of multi development in which the Nugget plays a big role. A good story well told.

    Have fun and keep her light and as designed. Piver did a good job with the Nugget.
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