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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by quist, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I am looking to turn my river canoe with a flat bottom into a sailing trimaran.
    I am well aware that this is not the most efficient hull.
    I do like the idea of only having about 4-5 inches of draft. The dagger boards would be out on the amas.
    I have attached a delft file, but the version I have will not let me design or test the amas, so I have just drawn in cylinders. The dimensions of the main hull or canoe should be correct.
    I would appreciate any help as long as it moves in a positive direction. Please don't everyone jump on and tell me how inefficient the hull is.

    Jim R

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    You should set the amas higher so they are clear of the water when in even trim. In light air you will be able to sail with the main hull balanced and the amas clear of the water.

    The amas could be as long as the main hull. If you keep the amas long and slender then the boat will move very quickly once the sail loads up and he weight transfers to the lee ama. In this condition the shape of the central hull becomes less significant.

    If you are using Delftship it has a keel wizard that allows you to draw keels by making a few settings. You then move the keel to the required position.

    It is also better to put different parts on their own layer so you can turn parts on and off to make it easier to work on a part with less confusing detail. This makes it much quicker to move parts relative to each other. It also allows you do use the software to determine the weight of each part by setting the SG and thickness. Each part can have its own colour as well.

    If you have enough sail to lift the main hull then you can analyse the performance of the ama as an individual hull.

    Rick W
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    if you are looking for performance, i saw a picture of a tahitian sailing canoe with wings and a single ama, very small. crew weight kept it upright, the ama was just there to keep it up while the crew walked across on the tack.
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