Tri-ing? Yes very!

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Dodgey_rog, Jun 7, 2006.

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    I take turkish coffee.
    Thick, black and sweet. Like cafinated mud:D
    I'm brewing one up as we speak.
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    waikikin Senior Member

    busted beyond repair

    Dodgy, I've got the other 55' 8" in my yard, U can have it for a discount rate on new price;) ,- its in at least 3 easy to transport pieces:eek: & in my estimation beyond reasonable prospect of repair:!: Jeff.
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    catmando2 Malaysia bound....soon

    Dodgy ,I was going to bastardize a couple of diamond hulls 10 years ago when I used to race 'em. GReat fun boat, wicked turn of speed for the dollars. Ply box beams joining two together leaving masts in just like "team phillips". Was hoping for a better result than them though.

    Don't be afraid of using ply and uni's for the beams . It has a similiar strength to weight ratio to carbon fiber believe it or not. I'm pretty sure Gougeon bros [west system boys] did some wing masts from 3mm ply with good results,strip cedar might be a bit heavy but Kiri is lighter and available locally from Highpoint timbers in WA. Check it out , worth the effort. Im doin' a 50 ft cat from it [pics in album ]

    Have fun

  4. Dodgey_rog
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    Hey Dave, thanks for the info.
    I used to sail Diamonds too. I must agree with you they are balltearingly bootifull boats to sail. And Diamond sailors are generally raggedy arsed, outside the square sorta folk!
    We must be travelling in the same direction you and I, cause the 2 diamond concept was my original thought too. Then I got a Farrier tramp- this
    converted me to tris.
    Ply and uni sounds like a good way to go. But I guess I need to consult an expert to work out the lay up.
    Good luck with your Cat.
    If you need any advice as to where the best watering holes are in this neck of woods, I'm your man!
    Regards Dodgey Rog.

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    catmando2 Malaysia bound....soon

    Hi again Dodgey_rog. found a pic of my diamond hull number 18 called Zulu brothers,Girls best friend,and Southerly buster.

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