Treated wood and silicon bronze

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by wudenbote, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Does anyone know of any deterious or corrosive effects on silicon bronze screws caused by the chemicals used to treat wood. I don't know the chemicals used to treat this wood, but it is an up to date process. I have, as previously mentioned, come into some nice SYP treated and would like to use it for frames. I am currently running some tests on glues. I have taken a piece of the treated wood, roughed it up using a Stanley Surform tool and then glued a piece of 1/2" Hydrotek to the edge (1 3/4" wide) as you would to a frame, using System Three's T-88. On the other end of the same piece of wood, I glued the Hydrotek using PL400. I followed manufacturer's instructions on both glue jobs and let them cure for twice the recommended time. So far, so good. Now I am subjecting this glued up test board to immersion in a bucket of water followed by drying out in the open weather followed by immersion, followed by more exposure to the weather etc. I plan on going half a dozen times with this cycle (each immersion is 12 hours long followed by 24 hours in the open weather) and then testing it for holding ability, first while still wet and then after drying out naturally. I fully expect the epoxy to fail based on what I have read (thanks to all of you who put me on to various articles!) but have high hopes for the PL400. It fills gaps like epoxy, although prefers more pressure to the glueup than epoxy does, and cures much like epoxy. When fully cured the manufacturer claims it is completely waterproof and adheres to treated wood. Other advantages are: its easier to apply and much cheaper in price. Hence....the tests and the original question of this post.
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    I know that treated wood if not allowed to dry for
    several years is prone to shrinkage.
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    you will not have any trouble mate with bronze fastenings
    in NZ they use H4 heavily treated pine for burying posts in ground, they often use, galv nails wire, and bolts, in the wood, and galv is the most un noble in the series, , bronze will stay in there forever
    there is a product we use on screws to make em draw in easier esp on the big sizes called LANACOTE a natural sheep product, it also is a a waterproofing and natural agent to prevent seizure of fastenings in disimilar metals
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