Trapeze on Etchells

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Shoal2014, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Has anyone tried fitting a trapeze on an Etchells? My mates and I are getting a bit old and tired for hooking our feet under the straps and using our rapidly diminishing stomach muscles. I would like some suggestions as to my idea's practicability and how to best go about it.
  2. Martin B.
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    Yachting World Diamonds did it. Some old Solings did it. Go for it and have fun but it will load up the hull somewhat and make an old hull groan a bit more !
    Some have even added cuddy cabins on old Solings, Etchels etc.
  3. messabout
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    Trapezing is great fun, even for old guys. It can also be hazardous if you slip and bash yourself against something solid. I say go for it but be careful.

    The stack method where one guy stands on the shoulders of the other guy on the wire is not a recommended maneuver for we old geriatric types. (grin)
  4. Shoal2014
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    Thanks guys. Seems to be a good balance of encouragement and humour there. Any suggestions as to whether particular areas of strengthening should be addressed first?
  5. schakel
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    schakel environmental project Msc

    Good footwear is essential. The more grip, the longer you stand.
    Aerodynamics is worse when fully stretched standing trapeze.
    Dragon-class does not support standing trapeze during regatta's.
    But you can try if you want to.
  6. CT249
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    Replace the cotter pins at the hounds with large shackles, using the shackle pins to replace the cotter pins (one standard shackle has the same size pin, unless Etchell rigs have changed); hang trap wires off the shackles; ready set go. Simples. :)

    Arguably one or two traps may reduce load on the mast because the traps will take load off the windward shroud and move it to trap wires which have a better angle. The lower may then be under-tensioned but IMHO the Etchell mast is surprisingly solid; I use an old Etchells mast on a 2100kg half tonner. If it all breaks under compression just remember that I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Since when have their been hiking straps in Eggshells? In my day you just used the sheet as a very uncomfortable sort of strap; real straps were verboten. Are Eggshellers getting soft?

    On the other hand, as we're getting old it's actually much, much more important to exercise so our muscles don't diminish. Dammit, if I suffered Etchells hiking pain so should you!
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  7. tom28571
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    Remember that Etchells have keel ballast equal to 60% of the total weight which is much higher than other boats. Neither hiking nor a trapeze gives the advantage that it does on other boats.
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