Transverse frame calculation

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by DUCRUY Jacques, May 1, 2010.

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  1. apex1

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    That man has not to be named "Danny", but your disrespect is legend already.

    Where do YOU see a throwback? You are not able to calculate your own sketches to a minimum, how do you calculate others designs?

    You are a insulting and offending ******* Brent Swain.

    And I would like to see you banned ...yes again!

    The day you called Wynand Noortje a swindler, a crook, ripping off his clients, was the day you should have gone to hell.

    The day you argued with "welder/fitter" about his abilities to understand your "religion" was another day you should have gone to hell BS.

    Who gave you the right to belittle all these proven and well known experts?

    Are you god?
    (in that case forgive me to misspell your name, I did not mean *******, I meant Satanas in persona)

    There is no longer any amusement in your dumb rants..........

    leave the planet and go where you belong.

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    ...oh come on fellas, all those numbers just confuse the issue, anyone can design a boat......Simpsons Rules....nup not necessary, just balance the underwater cut out on a stick and there ya go.......
    . about 100 posts that "all agree"...yeah sure.

    We are simply wasting time here any more. Those that believe him, good luck to you, to the rest of the world that has a bit more understanding of principles of yacht design and manufacture..WTF.
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  3. bearflag
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    What do you know>!>!> You are just a landlubber!!!


    I wouldn't say Brent should be banned. But maybe the thread should be locked.

    If someone wants to start a new one have at it. The issue about transverse frames I think has been talked to death.

    For the final record, transverse "framelings" and bulkheads both are an essential part of naval engineering.
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