Transom planing boxes

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Delaney, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I have found a design I like which has a constant 14 degree V. The boat is only 18 feet long so I wanted to add a 12" wide x 15" long full flotation box similar looking to the transom livewells on old Mako's and Aquasports. I then wanted to put trim tabs on the planing boxes.

    I know they put something similar on aluminum boats made by companies like Sea Ark. Is this all overkill and should I just go with the trim tabs or is it a viable option for making the hull ride better.:?: What about a full transom bracket:?:

    The hull design is a great 18' boat with a Carolina Flare bow which is hard to find in a small boat plan. It is recommended for a 50-70 hp and I wanted to make sure it would really perform with a 50. The designer estimates the total wt of the boat rigged out with fuel to around 1700lbs less passengers.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.
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