Transom and other offsets in MultiSurf

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by crboats, Aug 30, 2010.

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    I am a new user of MultiSurf and I am really liking it, though I've hit a snag. I am using a macro to generate a table of offsets, but so far I don't see how to generate offsets for anything but the station lines.

    I am currently drawing a boat with a raked transom. Ordinarily I would include a column in my offset table for the transom and show the half-breadths and heights of the waterlines and buttock lines where they meet the edge of the transom. This, together with the angle of the transom to the baseline which can be measured off of the profile drawing, provides enough info to project the transom shape in profile and plan view loftings. It is simple enough to get MultiSurf to draw the transom edge (foreshortened) in the body plan and profiles, but I don't see how to get offsets. Is it possible to maybe draw a contour line which is not perpendicular to the baseline, but follows the transom edge? This boat has a flat transom.

    I would also like a set of offsets to define the shape of the stem, measured back from a line perpendicular to the baseline ahead of the boat.

    Any help from an experienced MultiSurf user would be greatly appreciated! This is a documentation project, where points were taken off of a boat using a total station and imported into MultiSurf. The hull was then created from those points.
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