Tranducer Positioning

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    American Boats as most others have the steering on the Starbord Side. However that makes No differance.

    The reason is because of outboard motor prop rotation creating Prop Wash.

    If you have Two Counter Rotating Outboards they created a Null Wash pattern which is where a lot of boaters like to hang.

    If you take an Axe and cut your Transducer wire as short as possible it will work just ducky. No need to worry about those pesky electrons bothering you.

    Actually you may want to just flip the transducer over the side and let it dangle in the breeze. Sould like thats the proper performance level your looking for.

    How bout these for Nav Lights?


    Looks like this Boater could use a WickedGood Deal on one of those Propellers I have for sale.
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