Trail-able 'no-fold' Catamaran 7.5 x 3.6 coastal cruiser

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Itsallaboutthebuild, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Itsallaboutthebuild
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    Itsallaboutthebuild Junior Member

    Loving the discussion, I know its the age old dilemma - want everything, but where do you put it.
    KH has a great looking 8m x 4.1m bridge deck trail-able cat, and I emailed him some time ago for more info, but he tells me the design is still in the concept phase.
    I have tried to fit his dimensions into the Qld Transport allowance and its not possible with our restrictions.

    The trailer/rotary system has been over engineered for the sake of a 'no flex platform', particularly necessary when the entire load is supported at both ends of the trailer rather then the conventional.
    The weight of the trailer is important for transporting stability as well as loading and unloading. Overall weight is well within the towing capacity of the average 4WD.
    My research on this idea and the fact that no one here has pointed to a similar design out there somewhere, is a good indicator of uncharted waters with probably good reason. I do however, like this particular cat design for a first time boat builder and plan to start in the new year. As far as the trailer is concerned, It will be a bonus if it works as well as the scale model indicates and I reckon it would be a pity not to have a go.
  2. fallguy
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    My attitude is the same about a trailering system for the boat I named. I will build a DM cat and if I can trailer it and even assemble unassisted; more power. If not, I can also consider a smaller folding cat.
  3. Mr Efficiency
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    The way the boat is tilted in the travelling position, must mean that how it is supported and what structural loads will be applied to it, in that position, has to be accounted for. It seems like a big task to me, to get this working well.

  4. Itsallaboutthebuild
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    Itsallaboutthebuild Junior Member

    Certainly agree with those sentiments, I have spoken to the Boat designer and he wont give any guarantee, and so he shouldn't, however he didn't foresee any major issues with the structure of the boat providing it was well supported. The support system, both within the boat itself with added strength where needed, and the areas of the trailer that come into direct contact will be a primary focus in the build stage. I intend to build the trailer first and once the hulls/bridgedeck is completed and turned over, I intend to mount it on the rotary platform to assist with access for the rest of the build.
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