"Traditional" Trimaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jaxenro, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Corley epoxy coated

    I think you will find the problems with a direct conversion from a traditional hull form are many, large counter sterns and front overhangs do not in general work very well with most trimarans and catamarans which attempt to push out the waterline as much as possible for stability, as the scale of the craft increases I imagine you could get away with more and more in terms of bow and stern shape as the righting moment would rise to a point where the shape of bows and sterns would be less important from a seaworthiness perspective as they would make up a smaller percentage of the overall length of the craft. You would also find that the shape of the crossarms on the mockup shown would catch a lot of spray and slow the boat down unacceptably, form follows funtion on modern boats which is why so many of them have large curved crossbeam sections which give good clearance to the water and reduce the amount of drag.

    In many ways the whole discussion is akin to that of using catamaran hulls as amas on a trimaran they will never be as efficient as a hull form designed especially for the task and you will end up with a boat that will not perform as well as one custom designed to do the job.
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    greetings B W D i wish i could use the software
    to me its most interesting what ideas this forum throws up, a classic tri should be possible, with adequate re-inforcing of deck & hull & calculations for possible ballast keel weight reduction, altering rig , mortgage stability etc
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    Well y'all are just too kind tonight.
    I would stroll on down to Mr. Jefferson's "Maison Carre" to meditate on classic styles and new ways to apply them to new things, but it's too late, cold and foggy, time to roll up in a blanket. 8 bells shortly....
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    "I think you will find the problems with a direct conversion from a traditional hull form are many"

    I wasn't looking for a direct conversion but something that captured the look and feel of a traditional or classic boat like the Square Meter 30's or some of Herreshoff's designs like a Buzzards Bay 30 in a trimaran. Something in the 40 or so foot range
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    get ahold of one of those hawaiian outrigger canoes the tourists push around waikiki, marry to a retired tiki 21, add varnished deck house to taste.

    there's nothing wrong with building a boat from the leftovers bin, and the result can look good if you are careful with the saw and brush.
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    Hi Guys,
    You want a traditional Trimaran - what about this? As elegant as a multihull could ever get I reckon


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    basildog basildog

    You will need to cut and paste link
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    The first 3 shots are from Dick Newik, as classic as they come I believe.

    I have been searching for the Constant Camber SIB (simple is builtiful) But I

    cannot find any shots of it.

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    Absolutely right.

    Classic .Curves .Newick.

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