Trade Winds

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    OK this is off topic but we are looking for info on the trade winds , best time to travel, go north hem. or south hem. , east to west or west to east. Which is best? Will be sailing lord nelson 41 and looking to take next three years off. Any suggestions?
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    The book 'World Cruising Routes' by Jimmy Cornell would be useful to you. I just bought it myself, because I have to plan a passage from South Africa to Phuket. It has general information about trade wind and currents, but also a large library of specific routes, with way points and other useful information.
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    or the British Admiralty version "Ocean Passages for the World" NP 136. Primarily for large ships but a lot of the info is very valid!

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    Have a close look at this:
    The alternative VPP acronym!!!

    Rick W.
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