'Trad' Steam Launch with lightweight hull

Discussion in 'Materials' started by greg simpson, Apr 13, 2009.

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    greg simpson all steamed up

    Hi everyone,

    I have drawn plans up for a 30ft by 6.2ft by 3ft steam launch using a lightweight watertube boiler and all fabricated engine, approx 250-300kg of machinery.

    I am now at a stage where i'm wondering what materials to use- 15mm concave/convex cedar strip plank with grp sheathing would be the typical material of choice- strong/ fairly light/ easy to build.

    I want something that is stronger by around 15-20%- hence lighter by 10-15%, but just as easy to build with, if maybe a little longer build time:?:

    Thanks, Greg
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    keith66 Senior Member

    I have been rebuilding a 1905 Saunders petrol engined 28ft launch for a while now, A few years ago i took the lines from her and my father in law has built a replica using 8mm Cedar strip. I doubt you would get much lighter unless you go for full on carbon pre preg foam sandwhich construction. The cedar strip will need sheathing with epoxy & glass cloth for stability & abrasion resistance.
    You will find an article on her in the Steamboat association magazine.
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