Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by mighetto, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. barleymalt
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    barleymalt Junior Member

    Wise up Frank


    Please seek professional help, you are not rational. Tripp Gal and Guy want absolutely nothing to do with you, are not hunting you and are not conspiring with other boats against you. You would do well to heed the warning, they have had enough of your nonsense. The only morbid fascination is the one you are engaging in with Tripp Gal in your ongoing fixation with PHRF and handicapping.

    You are responsible for knowing the NOR and for keeping clear of other classes until the warning signal for your start which you clearly failed to do. You are not believable in the slightest, those of us who have seen your twisted ramblings for painfully long immediately discount your nonsense, and those exposed to you for the first time quickly realize you are a spreader short of a full rig. You have made a complete *** of yourself repeatedly, and have zero credibility. I have nothing but contempt for you and your bizarre theories. Get a life, and stop stalking people.
  2. Buc
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    Buc Junior Member

    You think this is over, Frank. Sudie Parker didn't turn you into the WSP, your own agency did. And yes, just as Rolltacker says, every one of your posts has been tracked. Just moving to your own computer won't change the problem you've already created.
  3. Skippy
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    Skippy Senior Member

    Ode to a Mac

    Frank, I wrote a little poem for you. I hope you like it.

    A faint summer breeze,
    motor quiet, sails fill out;
    sunshine warms the keel.
  4. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member

    trailer sailer?

    I am thinking the epic battle between big boat fixed fin sinkers and water ballasted designers should sound something like the majestic strains of "The Ride of the Valkyries"

    dunh duh-duh dunh duh, dunh duh-duh dunh DUH.

    100 years ago sailors were discusing boat design as we have here. It is only recently that the fool hearty have put a single testicle on a keel. That experiment is over. Send in the Valkyries - did you know they are actually crows?

    What is with Sailing Anarchy. Now they are picking on Koch? Balls on Parade. I have cupped the ******** in the photo in my hand and have told the boat to cough :) Her spirit has long gone to Valhalla. Others of her kind (TP52s) are preparing to do so also. Does spain own three TP52s? How the anarchists must cry. Talk about waist of tax payer money. Little Tripp Guy's tansgressions look minor in comparison. Where is he. Has he been gagged by PHRF NW or what?
  5. WildCherry
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    WildCherry Junior Member

    omg Frank, the thread was dieing. Why do you have to bring it back to life? Its obvious you dont know what your talking about. I think everyone agrees on that point.
    Since the masses have cried out, why dont you listen?
    I didnt want to comment on the pic of your sailing. Or your post about said pic. Yet I must. Your on port. What rights do you have? Luffing your sails doesnt give you any rights. Being stalled out doesnt give you rights. Cranking your engine after the 5 is a no-no. There is no hunting going on in this pic. I see boats going upwind. I see a gimp boat flailing around on port in front of a tri.
    The things I also want to comment on. Unfurl your sail all the way. Raise your main all the way. Use that famous water ballest to keep the boat flat. If you pulled your engine up you would gain a knot or two. Oh yeah Pull your sails in. My god man. Its a sailboat. (sort of) You must trim the sails.
    Raceing with an anchor on the bow is a bad idea. And in some regattas not allowed.
  6. Mark 42
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    Mark 42 Senior Member

    Frank, you could learn a lot from this guy...
  7. DGreenwood
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    DGreenwood Senior Member

    I am not professionally qualified to advance such an analysis, but my gut tells me we are witnessing the meltdown of a mind. The obviously rampant paranoia is a sure indicator.

    In the festering pus-pool that is Frank’s brain, I fear you will find some functioning remnants from his simian ancestors. Enough torment could evoke a Frankenstienian animation of the beast within. If he hurts someone (including himself), this would lose all humour.

    I think The Editor of Sailing Anarchy showed brilliant foresight in eliminating the problem by banishment, for everyones well being, including Franks.

    His recent posts scare me a little. Maybe it is time to stop?
  8. Shife
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    Shife Anarchist

    This sounds like someone we know:
  9. mackid068
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    mackid068 Semi-Newbie Posts Often

    Frank, please, stop. You're only going to dig yourself into an even DEEPER hole...
  10. mackid068
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    mackid068 Semi-Newbie Posts Often

    just because you are mad because your boat sucks in reality and under PHRF handicapping doesnt mean you need to defame people using the internet.

    Boat sucks (Mac26 sucks)=Fact
    Mighetto is annoying=Opinion, for now...
  11. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member


    I am reading Seahorse and it implys Spain has three TP52s. But you are on top of things most of the time. Have you ever heard of astroturfing? This is a technique used by the east-is-leasters to promote a product. The idea is to create the perception of a grass roots campaign. I think we have seen this with the TP52s. Tripp Gal and Tripp Guy and Jim Teaters are likely part of that.
  12. sailsmall
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    sailsmall Senior Member

    Frank, remember what Deep Throat told Bob Woodward - "follow the money". You need to show how Tripp G and G, and Jim Teeters, and all the other evil people in the world are making big cash by promoting the TP52 over the Mac26x. You need to show motivation, that's what your story has lacked till now. Until then, no one is going to believe you, but once you make all the connections it's going to be so obvious they'll even forgive you back at SA.

    Remember - follow the money!
  13. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member


    Oh folks will do this Astroturf stuff just to be part of the big boy club. Do you think team Astro from Austrailia is for real? I think their TP52 intentions should be looked into. It is just to KEWL a name. The TP52 fleet will be desimated by mods for IRC. There is no grass roots support for them. More folks are interested in Mac26x :)
  14. usa2
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    usa2 Senior Member

    Spanish TP 52s

    Caixa Galicia

    i count 5...and theres another one being built.

  15. mighetto
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    mighetto New Member


    But of those were three financed by the Spanish Navy. This is the rumor. It really stinks if true and seams to be in print. I am inclined to think Defender correct but would like him to look into it.

    On 4 August 2005 I was introduced by talk show hosts during a broadcast at Air America to a book out of Alstrailia called the Selling of Sickness. This is a book about marketing drugs but it was clear that the same marketing applies to sail boats.

    Public Relations firms on the east-is-the-least for sailors coast of the US had figured out that while most countries do not allow direct marketing of drugs to consumers, you are allowed to market sickness. If enough folks can be convinced that they or their loved ones are sick or that the sickness is so serious that it should be avoided at high cost then consumers will eventually find the drug you want them to purchase either through a health care professional, the web, or other media. The author of the book Selling of Sickness, stated in his interview, which Aired on 4 August 2005 on AM1090 before 8 AM, that once a "sick" marketing campaign is tested out in the US, it is then rolled out in other countries.

    This technique may have been learned from the marketing of sailboats. It only works if most of the media can be controlled, meaning those with opposing viewpoints are silenced by bullying, payoff, web site hacking, or legal threats. Common Sense III demonstrates that this game was being played in the sailboat design field in the 1940s, and we see from the transpac in 2005 and attacks on me, that it is still being played. The Cone of Silence has been lifted. it is Astroturfing to create what looks like a grass roots support for something that is basically worthless.

    An entire generation in the US has come to believe that a bigger sailboat with a heavy keel is a safer sailboat. Nothing is further from the truth given the fact that smaller sailboats can be designed that do not sink - even after being swamped - and are able to avoid hazardous conditions, unlike larger vessels, because they are so fast, can use all weather harbors that shallow draft motor fishers do, and their small size makes them more like the life boats thoes in larger vessels carry which handle sever seas better than larger vessels by bobbing over breaking waves rather than crashing through them. It may take many more years but eventually the notion that small boats are safer boats will become common sense.
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