Top 10 countries outside of U.S.A. or Europe to spend rest of your days aboard?

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    Top Ten places,etc

    Fiji looks pretty awesome....but Indonesia or phillipines seems cheaper and still very isolated beautiful areas to enjoy a simpler existence....I'd ideally want to have a atv 4-wheeler or hell even a golf cart handy packed with water and canned goods and fuel so i could haul *** to high ground if a tsunami hit but were not gonna live forever...are we..? Rather go out riding the "Big kahuna" than rot in some condo-mausoleum in Boca...
  2. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Indonesia and Phillipines may occasionally have issues with cross-religious-conflict and patches of "extremism" erupting every so often - but no more so than other parts of the world where local knowledge and a cautious "low profile" is wise - same applies for areas of Sydney, NY, Rio, - - and everywhere else - local knowledge and respectful observance of local customs, traditions, cultures and morays ensures an enjoyable visit and interesting cross-cultural experience that goes to make travel worthwhile...
  3. mydauphin
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    Anything nice not in the Pacific or Indian Ocean... I can't make it so far...
  4. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Chile is worthy - as is Argentina, - I have a feeling someone expressed a certain attraction for Galapagos, Nicaragua, Belize and whilst looking thereabouts, what about the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula - (Mexico?) and other parts of the Caribbean region? . . .

    Any "Nanny-type-state" is bad... Surely most adult, and therefore thinking people can plan and make provision for ones own medical and other needs? - - - I see no real need for roads (if you live on a small island and have a boat), nor reticulated electricity, water and sewerage services as most can be readily organised to be independent of any state...

    - Satellite internet and telephone services shared amongst 12 neighbours is less than most high end phone and internet packages in major urbane developed areas - I had access in very remote regions in PNG and Solomon Islands that were SUPERB...

    - Domestic mains power is easy to organise... - - I have PV panels on my boat that supports refrigeration, RO watermaker, most other domestic needs and a generator for other times is all too easy...

    - A nurse or other such skilled person in the team, also a reasonable medical supply and what more is there??? . . . . . Surely a nanny to clean your respective bottoms after toilet is superfluous?
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    What country does not have stupid religious conflict.

    Go Buddhist then, hardly a religion at all, more a way of life.

    Hence the calm and tolerant Thailand and region.

    Madagascar ive heard is ok
  6. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Ahem, consider the potential future economic stability of where you may think it is safe or desirable to go should a "bolt-hole" be sought as your place of refuge?

    - - AWAY from Europe and USA - - (Developed regions including Australia?)......

    This link is what quite a few globally aware bloggers are presenting for your careful consideration...

    "Three Sheets to the Wind - - Tuesday, 15 May 2012 - - Baltimore, Maryland – Melbourne, Australia

    by Dan Denning
    Why Central Banks Are Like Drunken Sailors
    The Benefits of Holding Cash
    What Really Happened with JPMorgan Last Week

    From Dan Denning in St Kilda:
    --Sell first and ask questions later. That was the global investment strategy overnight. Whether it was JP Morgan's $2 billion loss, Greece's possible exit from the euro, or 'Greece of America' California's $16 billion budget deficit, investors found plenty of reasons to sell everything. US dollar cash and US Treasuries rallied.

    --How soon could Greece exit the euro? Well, it may not be that easy. Remember, back in February we made the argument that Europe's powers that be had to prevent a Greek bond default. They couldn't allow a precedent to be set.

    --If it was okay for Greece to default, then why not Spain? Why not Italy? Confidence in Europe's entire government bond market would be blown to smithereens, taking the banking system (capitalised by government debt) with it. The European Central Bank (ECB) would be collateral damage.

    --Mind you, no one in Europe's establishment likes to mention Iceland. There's probably a reason for that. It might give the Greeks ideas. In 2008, Iceland's three largest banks owed foreign creditors more money combined than the size of Iceland's economy. The government couldn't guarantee the banks debts. So it didn't."

    more here:- post dated 15May 2012 HERE:- . . . . . .

    So Iceland is still looking good for those not averse to the 'climatic cold'... and possibly many of the emerging countries mentioned so far in this thread look more appealing...
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  7. Frosty

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    Who would choose Iceland? its bloody cold and draining needing expensive clothing housing and warmth. Along with that goes the obvious poor social life as all sit in huddling blankets.

    Spent most of my life doing just that,--North Yorkshire.
  8. mydauphin
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    yES, but the women are hot. lol...
  9. erik818
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    Who would choose Iceland? I guess it depends on what you prefer. Personnally I prefer a cold climate to the tropics. I'm not dreaming about sailing to the West Indies but would really like an oportunity to sail to Svalbard and/or Greenland. I don't mind if most other people go the other way. My reservation towards Iceland is rather that it might be too similar to the other Nordic countries and too civilized to provide a real change, but I don't know that.

    The investors who lost their money in the internet banks from Iceland don't have my sympathy. I made a different risk analysis, as did all of my friends. We simply had common sense and no economic schooling. It was obvious that the size of the Icelandic economy could never guarantee those banks.

  10. conceptia
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    conceptia Naval Architect

    Nepal, Laos, Cambodia will be a viable option. Fiji is having some sort of civil war issues, I think.. Go to Thailand and get sandwich massages... :p lol
  11. sabahcat
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    sabahcat Senior Member

    Considering the first two are landlocked perhaps not.
  12. souljour2000
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    What's the scuttlebutt,low-down, etc if any you heard on Burma/Myanmar from the Thai perspective Frosty...if your there? The opening up of Myanmar/Burma might mean cheaper teak wood for the USA at least..... The Thais I guess have been the middlemen since the embargos the US and other countries have had on the former Military junta. I hope Burma continues down this path of democratic must be making the Chinese very nervous...I have also always wanted to go to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as well...and things have improved there since the formal end of a decades-long rebellion by Tamil Tiger separatists...that is a beautiful huge island...Yeah...Nepal is probably no good for awhile at least...but I hear Bangladesh has a history of good depths well inland.....:rolleyes:
  13. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    Globe trekker did a show on Bangladesh and a trip on the Rocket Steamer. Neat all around.
  14. Charlie Alpha
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    Charlie Alpha Junior Member

    13 years Ago I would have said hey come to VENEZUELA you would have found everything on your list here but between a terribly bad corrupt government and "the political inestabilty" that it has generated crime insecurity economical disaster. I consider migrating myself and I looked and found that if I wanted to move from my beloved country I would peak NEW ZEALAND modern yet laid back, very high standard of living , one of the fastest internet service in the world and all other telecomunications , choise to be in a big city or out of the grit if you like and yes they encourage foreing people to migrate there.

  15. gary1
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    Hey Charlie Alpha,
    Hey Bro I never knew the New Zealand government actively encouraged imigration, then again I suppose they have to seeing as there seems to be an awfull lot of them leaving New Zealand and heading straight for Australia.
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