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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by vectorsports, Feb 13, 2006.

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    vectorsports Junior Member

    SMG INC. located in Gallatin, Tennessee., serves as a full service plug and mold maker and designer. We can build your project form the ground up or use your current designs to make the changes for a new model year. We use time tested techniques that will ensure our clients of quality molds and designs. Contact Haynes Sloan for more information on SMG, and our services offered. Our number is 615-294-5906

    NOTE: We have a 21 foot bay plug for sell. Great running hull with a center pad for lift.
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    BOB KAEMPEN Junior Member

    I am an experienced plug and mold builder. In addition I have extensive supervisory and project management experiance. Please E-mail me If you currently have a position for some one with this type of background. I'll send a comperhensive resume per your request.

    Thank you

    Bob Kaempen
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    I guess them old boys out of hartsville couldn't get going well thats what they get having a ediot like chase trying to run the show especially the man the had that helped design that boat was there helping them and then the owners KURT and Todd said toolers were a dime a dozen look were it got you out of business good job guys i designed you a boat that would of made you money But u had to listen to chase
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    Russ 60 year plastics veteran

    hi bluethunder,
    In 60 plus years in tooling I have wanted to say that many, many times. I designed a counter display for coppertone some 30 years, (oops, make that 50) years ago, OMG!!! and they had somebody else build it. Part of the learning curve I guess. Then there was the Coke foam job I built for 2 years then was replaced by a cheaper version. My fault I guess, was asleep at the switch. Heck, life goes on!!!!
    Oh by the way bluethunder, I came to Honduras from Chattanooga

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    If the plug is still for sale please email me any info/pics and price to
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