To all graduates from Westlawn and YDS

Discussion in 'Education' started by Guest, Jun 13, 2002.

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    I've seen some very good threads in this forum concerning these schools. Which is something really helpful for all of us who are trying to choose either of them..

    However, there's one kind of information I can't find anywhere, but that really would be helpful. So here it goes:

    To all graduates from these schools:

    After completed course, what kind of work have you found? Have you really fullfilled the wish of becoming a yacht designer that people respect ?

    Are you really capable in designing a yach (of any material, i.e. wood, plastic, etc.), without having to consult expensive Naval Architects for doing hull design etc. As well as getting the boat built and approved (where this would be a nessecary). ?!

    What I have in mind are yachts up to 40 feet..

    Are these schools recognized internationally?

    I welcome all your feedback with much appreciation!

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