TIWAL 3.2-Folding Inflatable Performance Dinghy

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Looks like fun. I am glad to see a product that can expand the sport of sailing to travelers and apartment dwellers. It won for innovation but it is a simplified version of the design NNNN showed here long ago. The price is a bit dear -the only thing I see that is high end is the rig -nice north squaretop on CF mast. The hull is shorter and wider than I would favor, I would be interested in what other designers think -does this plane earlier? I think a taller bow and a sizable combing at the mast would be easy and make sailing dryer. I get the sense that this is a swimsuit/wetsuit machine and that might limit it's appeal. The adds show children enjoying the bow but I would prefer dryer sailing and some storage forward. The other thing I desire is to be able to stow everything I carried to the beach. It appears you need a high pressure pump and the carrying bags -I would have stowage for these on board.
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    Gawd, even with fancy video work that thing looks pig dog slow
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