Titling a boat w/no title or numbers

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by truklodyte, May 26, 2008.

  1. truklodyte
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    truklodyte New Member

    I have a kit boat that has never had a title or mfg numbers engraved into hull.How do I title it? HELP
  2. lewisboats
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    You need to talk to the people who are in charge of the registration process...normally an inspection is required and then a #is issued so you can register it.

  3. truklodyte
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    truklodyte New Member

    Marine patrol has to inspect it .Then it has to go threw courts system and that will take up to a year . Can't wait a year!
  4. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    Surely they could arrange for a temp kind of grant ?

  5. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Most kit boats will come with a "Manufacture's Certificate of Origin" which is presented to the county tax collector, in the state of Florida.

    Without this origin statement, you need to have receipts for everything that makes up the boat. This would include lumber, hardware, especially engines, electronics and trailers. The more receipts you have they better they feel about issuing a "Z" number for your boat. They also often want to see photos documenting the build effort.

    Not always, but often enough, they'll request an inspection, which is done by a Fish and Wildlife officer. This is the person that will say the boat isn't stolen, doesn't have stolen parts or components and was truly built by you. They'll pass this information to the county tax collector and you'll get a "Z" HIN issued and a title.

    The marine patrol is part of the Fish and Wildlife department (he's the officer). Go to the county tax collector and pick up the forms you need and it doesn't take a year, but you do have to pay fees and jump through a few hoops to prove you didn't just steal the boat, cut of the old HIN and now want to re-title it.

    WWW.flhsmv.gov is where you need to go.
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