Titanic 100th aniversary April 14th

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  1. Frosty

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    99 years and 11 months since the Titanic sank.

    What will you do BBQ by the pool? or go on one of the many cruises offered.

    Many ships sank since then infact its 2 per day.

    Why was Titanics sinking so ---titanic?
  2. Submarine Tom

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    Perhaps because it was unsinkable? Poorly managed? High death rate? A wake-up call? So deep?

    Are these the types of input you were looking for there Frosted one?


  3. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Because it was the Titanic....
  4. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    She hit the iceberg the 14th and sank the 15th, so I guess the latter would be the memorial date, but since they didn't ask me it could be held the 14th as well . . . . ;)

    The "women and children first" protocol didn't work so well and the separation of men from women + children always will slow down the evacuation of all, so it should be forbidden. But "captain first" isn't such a good idea either . . . . . :p

  5. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Those kind of things, and so big at her time plus such an event at her maiden voyage also adds to the dramatic effect as well.

  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Not unless your Italian!!!!

    Titanic had 3 sisters Britanic was one and no lusitania was not her sister.

    Britanic had been sailing the Atlantic long before Titanic and had damaged a shaft ., So identical were they the Titanics shaft was borrowed and put back the launching of the Titanic many months.

    Titanic set sail with a spontanious combustion fire in her coal bunkers, there was a land fire crew on board that had to sail with her along with Marconiphone engineers trying to get the state of the art radio to work.

    Black grease was rubbed on the bulk heads to cover the burning paint of the coal fire from inspectors.
  7. gypsy28
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    Close, but Olympic was the first of Titanics sister ships to be launched, and was the one involved in the collision somewhere near Southampton.

    Britannic was the third launched just before WW1 and was used as a hospital ship, but struck a mine sinking in the Med I think.

    Yep I love the old ocean liners history

  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    When Titanic was tugged from her berth in Southampton she displaced so much water another ship moored in the dock broke her mooring lines.

  9. Mr Efficiency
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