Tinting gelcoat.

Discussion in 'Materials' started by wrbowcal, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I hope you guys can make sence of this here goes.

    I have 3 gal of neutral gel coat unwaxed and 1 gal of white unwaxed to spray my boat.I mixed half the blue tint that was recommended for one gal to one gal to get a sky blue at 3% tint...didnt work so I mixed in another full gallon of neutral to the previous gallon and its still way to dark leaving me 2gal for above the rub rail. I may have messed up a little they said no more than 6% colorant and I just assumed 3% would lighten it up alot but it didnt.Should I add some of the white to the 2 gal of blue mix to get the sky blue that I want and what would be a close ratio.and I need a Light gray for above the rub rail how much black tint to the white gel coat should I add?I will spray two coats below the rub rail to the hull sky blue and and one waxed coat for above the rubrail. flybridge and aft cabin everything.The hull I will brush on later.

    Material I have.

    3gal neutral gelcoat unwaxed
    1gal white gelcoat unwaxed
    blue colorant
    white colorant
    black colourant
    1qt styrene wax

    Will I have enough gel coat ?

    I have a 2.5qt pot gun and 2mm tip.

    Its going to be cold 60 degrees tomorrow would it be wise to go 2.5% catyalist or will it set before the pots empty?

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    Mixing dupont 380

    I have this product in a quart can ,,,like a fool I applied it directly with a foam
    brush.....you can imagine the results....it tells me to thin it out with lacquer3602S.... I don't have a spray gun to apply any suggestions....???

    Thanx Dave Moody
  3. gonzo
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    Less colorant will make it more translucent but not much lighter. You need to use a lighther blue tint or add white.

  4. Davidmoody
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    Too bad about the Brewers,,,I'm watching Texas I hope they win but st Louis is good..
    I need to thin out the gelcoat... I'm starting to touch up the faded gelcoat on my 1976 Kingfisher.....
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