Time keeping?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by duluthboats, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. duluthboats
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    Is there a way to automatically log the time that was spent working on a file? A windows app. or a plug-in for Rhino? I would like to keep track of the time, when working at home it is always small blocks of time with many interruptions. I am tiring to do this now with a pad and pencil, I just wish it was done in auto on the PC.
    Gary :D
  2. lazeyjack

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    yes, when one get flustered, red in face, tired, aching eyes and one achieves zilch, must be close to 1000 hrs
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    Some mobile phones have something for that..
  4. Jeff
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    I've thought about using a timeclock program that allows me to account by the minute for each job so I can click a hotkey when I start and stop each job and it generates invoices for me automatically, but I'm afraid it might make each seem to take much longer to know in such detail.
  5. CGN
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    I just started using this one and so far looks very good, it actually knows that you have multiple drawings open in Autocad for example so it tracks every drawings that you may have open, i'm very new to it but seems that can be a keeper.

    Also there are lots of solutions for this like this one: free


    Time Tracking

    I have to say that nothing beats paper and pencil not because is simple but because it makes you pay attention to add your work time, so for me is more of a discipline issue. believe me i deal with this one too and i use timesheets to add my work but still i haven't been able to fully implement this but hopefuly time tracker will work fine
  6. duluthboats
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    :D I love this place.
    Thank you again CGN.
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    I agree here, or you could always put a clock near your workspace, as annoying as that may be, to give you an idea how much you've already burned, but then again people will say having a time piece near your work place will inevitably cause you to take longer in finishing the work, mainly because you spend at least 20 to 30 minutes in the total time of work just glancing at the time to see how long it's taking you.

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    Onethousandandone, onethousandandtwo, onethousandandthree... ?
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