Time interval between Gelcoat & First laminate

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by victor biacolo, May 14, 2018.

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    victor biacolo Only JESUS is the real boat captain

    Hi Folks,

    Base on you're experienced how many hours after 2nd coat of gelcoat is completed before to lay up 1st lamination of 300 g/sq.m?

    I have checked with DNV-GL and LLoyds Register standards they don't mention the hours, they said as short as possible within 24 hours. By this statement of LLOYDS I need also your opinion according to your experienced. Thank you folks..
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    yes 24hrs is the normal time for average shop conditions, say 15C. But can be shorter, often people gel late afternoon and skin the next morning, but be careful of dew/humidity at night. Gel doesn't like changes in temp or humidity when curing

    Richard Woods
  3. rxcomposite
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    Lloyd's- 3.3.5 The period of exposure of the gel coat between gelation and the application of the first layer of reinforcement is, in
    general, to be as short as practicable. In no case is this to be longer than that recommended by the resin manufacturer for that
    particular resin system.

    Manufacturer- When the gel coat has cured to a "tacky cure", meaning, when you touch the gelcoat with your finger, it is sticky but dry and the color does not transfer to your fingertip. Usually between 1.25 hours to 4 hours max.

    Lloyd's- 3.3.10 Laminating is to be carried out in a sequence such that the time lapse between the application of the successive layers
    is within the limits recommended by the resin manufacturer
    and documented in the quality control procedures for the particular
    resin system. Similarly, the time lapse between the forming and bonding of structural members is to be kept within these limits
    and, where this is not practicable, the surface of the laminate is to be prepared, in accordance with the resin manufacturer's
    instructions, to improve the bond.

    Manufacturer- when the resin has gelled and remains sticky but not wet. Usually about 1.25 hours to 4 hours max. More than 4 hours, the resin has started to cure and the surface must be lightly sanded by 60 grit sandpaper to promote adhesion.

  4. victor biacolo
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    victor biacolo Only JESUS is the real boat captain

    Thank you RXcomposite, will follow with the resin recommended timing.
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