Tiller extension for OB motor

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Dr. Peter, Dec 21, 2010.

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    G'day All,
    I am looking to find/make a tiller extension for my Yamaha 8hp. I have modified a clamp-on unit, I bought from my local marine shop, to make it longer but it feels weak and a bit articulated. I wouldn't want to rely on it if conditions got a little rough. At this stage I imagine I would have to go sit on the transon and steer using the tiller on the motor. My motor hangs on a bracket and has to be removed when trailering so being able to remove the tiller extension is necessary.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Mr Efficiency
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    If you can find a length of PVC pipe just the right diameter ( around 1.5 " ? ) you can saw a slit along the length a few inches from the end on opposite sides of it so it can be slid on, then clamp it on with a stainless hose clamp or two, nice and tight. Obviously it will need to be securely fixed, don't wan't to be left holding just the pipe !
  3. Easy Rider
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    Using bolts and wing nuts may be a bit more secure and still be as easy to install/remove.
  4. marshmat
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    Mine is pretty similar to Mr. Efficiency's, except in aluminum. It works very well.

    If the stock throttle handle is too wobbly to clamp an extension to, the next step involves lengthening the stock tiller itself, or mounting the twist grip on a new, longer tiller. This isn't too hard to do if you're reasonably good with metal and have access to appropriate tools, but it does involve refitting the twist grip with a longer throttle cable- possibly a very finicky operation if yours uses non-standard end fittings, as outboards often do.
  5. bulk-head
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  6. Dr. Peter
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    Great responses

    Thanks for all the info and ideas regarding outboard tiller extensions. The website was particularly good. Thanks for that, Bulkhead.
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