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    How are you! I’ve also heard there’s a lot more to the Australian beach life. The coastal cities are vibrant and stylish and invite a lot of things to do from land tours to eating tours! I hope to get more out of the tickets Australie that I recently booked for my family!
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    Now is the "off season" (winter/spring) so wherever takes your fancy, lots to see and do but great distances to travel - Qld has the Undara lava tubes - all the lava left for other parts long ago leaving extensive underground tubes about 20 ft in diameter - inland from Cairns/Townsville. What are your interests?
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    BUT please do not annoy the cops, they will Tazer You in the blink of an eye:))

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    Yip, I heard the australians is a bunch of crawlers. Not like in africa but the speed is about the same :D
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