Thoughts on re-power for 70' M'Sailor?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Shibumi, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Hi Guys,

    First post on here so go gentle!

    A bit of an unusual one;
    I've been around boats since the 1960's but I recently bought a 21 meter Turkish 'Gulet' - as much for it's live-aboard volume as anything else.
    It actually sails and motors better than I expected. I've done all the Ocean racing I want to, so now it's just gentle plodding (semi-retired) with the family.
    But I want to move the boat at a fairly rapid (say 8-10 knots) 'make progress' basis between cruising grounds when required (e.g. UK to the Med or UK to Scandinavia etc.) 200 nautical miles per 24 hours would be acceptable.

    The boat currently has the original 6 cyl Ford 2725 rated at 140hp. It runs very sweetly and reliably but it's getting on a bit (like me) and probably only kicks out a true 100hp + (ish) these days. 6 knots is about it.

    Waterline length is about 50' (15m) and I estimate cruising displacement at around 40 tons (90,000lbs).

    The engine compartment has bags of room - about 15' length and the full 18' beam - so I could fit in three engines if that was the decision.

    My thoughts so far;

    1. Retain the existing Ford albeit rebuilt and fit a further 1 or even two 4 cyl Fords (Say 80hp each) as wing engine / Genny / Hydraulic powerpacks.
    i.e. Many common parts such as injectors etc.

    Would also give many different power / motor-sailing options (yes she does sail reasonably well).

    2. Go for a new main engine in the 200-250 hp range (perhaps John Deere 6068 Turbo at 215hp or 6081 M1 @ 235hp) or equivalent Cummins etc.

    I'm also not averse to considering CPP on the above (I've got a little 27' with a Sabb set up and I know the quality / advantages of their gear).

    We normally sail short handed (Self, Wife and 11 year old daughter) even on 30 meter stuff so reliability / back up systems are essential.

    I would consider a computerised main engine but only if I had a basic (clanky) back-up.

    Any thoughts chaps?

  2. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    The Deere 6081 would be my choice, and a Hundested CPP.

    Are you in Turkey at present? Could probably assist you there. (I am in Fethyie)

  3. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Hi Richard,

    The boat was built in Bodrum but is now in the UK - it goes into the (indoors) shed next month to start the refit.

  4. raw
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    raw Senior Member

    Just a thought...Does this boat have a full keel in which the shaft is effectively contained.

    If not, I would look at a self feathering prop such as Autoprop rather than the CPP. Smaller shaft and Brackets etc make for a much less "draggy" solution ime.

    I did a larger triple screw yacht a few years back with the Autoprops/exposed shafts and client was impressed with them overall.
  5. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Yes Raw,

    It's a full length keel with the usual deadwood Fwd of the Prop and rudder astern. The keel is probably about 40' long with 4' draught Fwd and about 6'6" draught aft. Think long keel, heavy disp. wooden fishing boat.
  6. powerabout
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    powerabout Senior Member

    If the boats in Europe you will be buying a new electronic engine unless you find a second hand one.
  7. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    There is a very ample supply of 'New' i.e. unused, still in a crate, but probably a few years old, marine engines over here. As soon as a new EU regulation comes in, old spec engines cannot be sold for new boats but can be used for re-powers on old boats.

    Plenty of choice.;)


  8. Carteret
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    Carteret Senior Member

    If you could find one, not familiar with the EU's market, a 3306 Caterpillar is just about as bullet proof as you can get.
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