Thought Provoking Hull Discussions (one with an aft mast sailing rig)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brian eiland, Jul 3, 2011.

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    The Universal Hull by Warwick Collins

    "After a period of relative stasis in monohull design during the last two decades, I believe we will see revolutionary changes over the next decade, both in general motor vessel hull design and in sailing vessels. These changes will be driven not so much by technology (though that will play a strong supplementary role) but by new, innovative design.

    Meanwhile, I have attempted to test my own predictions by designing and developing an 18 ft prototype which embodies the majority of these principles and which so far has yielded some interesting results. I have called this experimental hull shape, incorporating the developments discussed here, the Universal Hull, or UH for short."

    Article here:

    Power video here:

    Sailing videos here:

    many thanks to "glyphics" for bringing this article and videos to our attention with a new posting HERE
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    Hi Brian,
    From a power perspective, I think most would agree that there's really nothing new here... a narrow wl, light weight...
    There's also little doubt that the idea would need further though in order to address the obviously low initial stability. Anyone with a deep-vee hull that is sufficiently light so that the chines are not immersed whilst at rest will tell you how tender they can be. Allowing the bilges to flood whilst at rest and at very low speed would go some way to addressing this...
    I'll defer to those more knowledgeable as far as the sailing goes.. it would be interesting to see it in more than a couple of knots of breeze. I like the simplicity of the rig, but this would seem a more sensible setup for a cruising boat, where performance is less of a priority
  3. brian eiland
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    Interesting point. And she might be subject to a lot of 'chine walking' in the power mode (I believe that's the correct term in powerboating?)

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    CaptBill CaptBill


    Is this for real?

    Could this hull-form safely replace a keel? Plane upwind?

    Gotta be a downside, no?

    ...and the sailing rig is merely an an experimental one...and it still is planing UPWIND
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