Those whoo spend lots of time aboard, generator question?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by parkland, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Keeping track of what is left in a batt set requires a SOC (state of charge) meter.Off the shelf for 3 decades.

    Under $200 for some its the First item that should be added to a cruisers stock electrical system.

    Bogart Engineering | manufacturer of the TriMetric battery monitor‎

    Before the big batteries , the big alternator and the 3 or 4 stage charge controller as knowledge is required for all these upgrades to be effective .

    Many folks live with a noisemaker , and run it when least offensive, and just need to know when to secure it.

    Auto start in the middle of the night in most anchorages will not win many friends.

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    I've built two DC gen sets using the Kubota EA 330 engines.
    Like what Tad posted.

    Electric clutches,can also hook up a fridge compressor,scuba compressor,etc and capture waste heat to heat the water tanks.

    Quiet to begin with,encased and in the engine room at 2000 rpm they are almost silent in the engine room,and totally inaudible everywhere else. About 5-6 hours a gallon.

    Several years of worry free and inexpensive power and water...with tankage on board I could stay out 3+ years.

    No auto start for me thanks.
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