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Discussion in 'Option One' started by Sean Herron, Nov 13, 2004.

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    Who wins drawing ?

    I've been through all of option one, and honestly I'm not sure where every one sits.
    does Willallison have the Hull design?
    A few suggestions on Org. I don't want to get involved until
    there are some concrete decisions made , Is there a thread that has
    a set of concrete goals decided;

    1 . Hull design......?
    2 . Power............?
    3 . Deck.............?
    4 . Interior............Financial..........Budgets.........Etc.
    you get the point.
    It sounds like fun I am enjoying browsing new input . I could not learn more
    I just want too know where the project is heading .
    Do you have a monitor or time schedule to achieve a certain design phase.

    I understand this is a (correct me if Im wrong)On paper project
    could someone fill me in , I just want to know how its going
    I'm confused.......
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    participation in O-1 has dwindled somewhat, but over time it will, with a little luck move to some sort of conclusion.
    To answer your questions -
    I posted a preliminary hull model - it can be seen in my gallery. This may or may not be used as the final boat, it's just that mine was the only one posted....

    Fairly early on in the piece we came up with the following objectives:

    Size 29 - 32 feet.

    1 Coastal hopping
    2 Trailerable
    3 Range 300 miles
    4 Crew, 2 minimum
    5 Price range, under 50K US, for home built.
    6 Must be able to carry on a normal conversation at 3/4 throttle.

    1. Max speed 25 - 28 knots
    2.Max Cruise 20 - 22
    3. able to maintain planing down to 12 knots and economical to operate throughout its speed range

    After that - and following much debate we decided upon outboard propulsion; locate the head up on the same level as the saloon so as to minimise the overall height & weight; construction is to be flat panel - ie ply, aluminium, or foam core.

    After all that a number of people posted (very preliminary) sketches. Mine can be seen here:

    As to your last 2 questions-
    there is no time schedule.....
    & not sure what you mean by an on paper project. If you mean are we only going thru the design process, or are we actually going to build the boat, well that's up to those who participate - Duluthboats (Gary) was keen to build one - who knows....

    Hope that helps.....
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    Yes ...The ? was are you physically going to build the boat or project on paper.
    I would like to follow thru with your progress . Thanks for the reply
    I will study the concepts a little harder this time around as to get a better feel for whats happening .........sounds like fun ..

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