This may be crazy!! Hardwood Floors????

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    I've got a 78 Silverline Nantucket 17VBR. I recently gutted it, just hoping i could learn/figure it out on the way. I've learned, this is gonna be real hard. But i'm ready, i just need guidance. So far, i took the bumber strip off all the way around the boat, i planned on grinding the lip off and glassing the top shell to the hull???(MAYBE, Is it possible?) Then i ripped the carpet out and now i purchased an angle grinder. I started cutting the floor out cause its soft. WOW, that sucked. The stringers are obviously pine, and go figure, they are dry until they get towards the back of the boat, and they are black and rotted!!! So, how do i replace that portion? I would like to just replaced those pieces and throw down Marine plywood, maybe 1/4", and then put down some kind of sealer(Driveway/ Basement Sealer?, and then Hardwood floor. (MAYBE, Is it possible?) And then seal the whole thing wind a THICK Lacquer. So, no matter what, the water has to run to the back of the boat right, where there is a drain? I just need some guidance.
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