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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by acru, May 3, 2002.

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    Interesting, but isn't there bound to be a great deal of wastage in transmitting power from the rig to the boat--the rig's going to fall away in gusts and lose any additional power that would otherwise be available. Quite alot to go wrong in some important places, too.

    Maybe I'm just a natural sceptic, but I think that there would be more to be gained from putting effort into variable lateral resistance gadgets--ooo, how about swing-wings on the keel...
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    That invention is at least seventy years old. It was originally published in "The Rudder". Herreshoff designed that and other similar systems. One of them tilts only the keel for more leverage. The complication of the system makes it impractical. There are many rigs that acomplish a lesser heeling angle without the burden of a complex mechanicla system like this. For example a equal mast schooner with staysails. Also, this system looses so much power that it is likely the boat won't go to weather.

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    wet surface calculation

    Hi! friends,
    We r looking for software and formula on wet surface zlculation
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