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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by parkland, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. parkland
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    I don't know if it's a 6354 perkins, I just know its a 6 cylinder perkins turbodiesel.
    I have had 22 ft boats, not interested in anything like that.
    I don't think it's realistic to expect a boat with a running diesel for 2000$, especially not one with minimal rust and a new paint job.
  2. parkland
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    parkland Senior Member

    Not to be a smart arse, but where ?

    I look through as much ads as I humanly can, and I find very few boats that are anything close to what I'm after.

    I dont want a 20 ft little fishing boat, that rules out 90%
    I don't want a gas guzzling speed boat, that eliminates 90% more of them.
    I don't live in vancouver or other port city, I live on the prairies and selection isn't very big.

    Again, I'm open to suggestions.
  3. WestVanHan
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  4. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    Here in aus everything is over priced.but that would still only be a $2000 project.
  5. whitepointer23

    whitepointer23 Previous Member

    The rust on the cabin looks a bit more severe than surface rust. The new paint job will be bleeding yellow stains within 6 months.
  6. Don H
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    Don H Junior Member

    According to my conversion calculator 15000lbs is 6800kg. No way that trailer will be suitable for anything other that moving the boat around the yard in its present state. I tow 3500kg on a tri axle trailer(7700lbs) with an F150 and thats quite enough. In Aus the maximum towable load is 3500kg behind any of the Fseries. Even 3500kg on 3 sets of load sharing axles and brakes on every wheel tries to push the F150 around.
    4 axles, no load sharing and almost 7 tonne is not going to be very easy to tow even if you are allowed to put that much weight behind a f series over there. 4 axles will hate to turn and will want to follow every undulation in the road. The 1 ton truck doesnt have enough weight of its own to fully control the load. This boat and trailer combination will put around 700kg or 1500lb onto the towball which is almost the entire load your truck is rated to carry.
    I dont mind the look of the boat but i also wonder if the cost is too much. It would be interesting to see the state of the inside.

  7. pdwiley
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    pdwiley Senior Member

    You've had the suggestions before but you persist in ignoring them.

    You don't live in an area rich in used boats? Have one shipped in from somewhere there are plenty. The cost of the freight is a one-off.

    I already told you that about having one built.

    I agree with all the other comments. That trailer would not be road worthy in Australia. I strongly doubt it could be made road worthy. A boat that heavy cannot realistically be towed behind a small truck, think bigger.

    Hell, my 12m Witch only displaces 7 tonnes and there's no way I'd even consider towing it.

    That's aside from the hull - top-heavy look, rust bleeds and lack of information on actual engine, interior, displacement etc etc. Who was the designer?

    Remember - if a vendor is telling you stuff that can't be independently verified, and the boat has been on the market for a while (or out of the water undergoing a rebuild) it's likely they are lying.

    I will say that it's truly amazing just how many motors are out there with only 500 hours since their last rebuild. Funnily none of them seem to have hour meters or log books.....

  8. parkland
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    parkland Senior Member

    There are a lot of good points made here.

    If I seem like I'm ignoring things, I do apologise.
    This is not an easy process.

    I did find a friend that is 100 times more knowledgeable than me with boats, and he is going to look at it for me.

    The trailer looks like a yard trailer, or 20 MPH max down back roads.
    I agree it would not be safe to tow down the highway.
  9. BL22
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  10. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    I think you better see it in the water. It looks top heavy and rolly bottom to me.
    Steel is OK, Perkins is OK, it's the rolling ride I'd worry about. You may have to cut some of the Cabin off and remake it of wood.
  11. 805gregg
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    805gregg Junior Member

    1 ugly boat, remember a boat in the end is an investment, an investment in money, and time, will this boat return on you investment? Don't dream about owning a boat because it's cheap, dream about a boat that will pay you back in the end when you sell, they all sell
  12. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Please keep your money for an other boat.
    War? replacing engine? compensating weight with steel rod?
    The truth is, the guy lie to you. No Navy had that piece of crap built for any war, beside the one the owner had with his wife :p.
    That thing will tip over in no time, that the reason for the steel.
    The trailer?, well enough said.
    Stay away from bad sellers, you don't need them in your life.
    Plenty of good boat for sale all around from honest people.
  13. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Nice boat for the price. You can even make an offer of $15,000. You will be surprise how seller react in front of hard cash.
    When a person sell his boat it is because he wants to get rid of it fast. Use that knowledge to your advantage. They don't want continuing paying mooring fee, insurance and all the overhead.
    They want it gone, finito, good buy, salute, see you never again.
    Its like a divorce, the relation is broken.
    $15,000 is sometime much more money that you think.
  14. rasorinc
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    Run don't walk and be quick off the start line.

  15. pdwiley
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    Boats aren't investments. They're toys.

    I regard the money for a boat the same way I do money spent on a dinner, bottle of wine, other non-essential items of life.

    It's pee'd up against a wall and gone forever.

    If you get a single dollar back when you sell your boat, bonus.

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