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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Oioi, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Yes, the Pioneer (21' or 23') on the Selway Fisher page would definitely be a better sailing boat generally than a 19'6" Colvic Watson motor sailer hull form.
    Provided that the Pioneer is in good condition and is well equipped, and sailed by somebody sensible and reasonably experienced, then she should be able to cross the Atlantic happily.
    Here is a link to a 22' Westerly yacht that crossed the Atlantic in 1966 with two crew on board.
    DEMOCRACY STREET: 'A friend in a field'

    Scroll down a bit in the link above and you will find this photo taken in Admiralty Bay in Bequia in the Grenadines - if a Westerly 22 with bilge keels can cross the Atlantic happily, so can a Pioneer.

    Westerly 22 'Young Tiger' at Bequia - mid 60's.jpg
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    Yes many have done with small and for most people not considered good for that,the pioneer has no pics,little information, maybe none has been built yet and sailing
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    I greatly appreciate your audacity. But perhaps automatically building a boat is not simple and takes quite a lot of time there. You need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge and a stable ability to play. Then it ensures you a safe and movable boat.
    However I fully respect your decision. I know a place with a lot of great things about boats ... I think it will help you and you can find more things you need when you prepare a boat. I recommend you take the time for it, it will really surprise you there

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    I think the Tasman from Selway is almost right, the pioneer has low headroom, a mix of Tasman or pioneer and Swaggie would be good
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